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Saturday, 5 October 2013

Decoration for the birthday cake

birthday cakes

Birthday is always a special occasion and it needs to celebrate in a grand occasion. It comes in several different flavors and colors also. The ingredients used for this should be very special also. These special cakes are prepared with having some very special decoration and have some special flavor also. The icing part actually comes from different flavors as cashew, chocolate, cinnamon, cherries etc covered with having thick layers of solid cream and cherries on the top of it to give it a perfect look.

As the popularity of these items gets increased, many varieties and choices get raised up. Now the birthday cakes come in hundreds of attractive flavors and many good ingredients. These are specially baked with some special effects to reflect the age, interest and certain gender. For the kids, the cakes come with special delicious flavors of chocolate or strawberry. For the teenager, these should be blueberry or dark chocolate to suit their quest. There are available many hot trends in fruitcakes and ginger cakes that should be served on spot demand. These sweet treats are also designed with colorful ribbons, fruits, flowers and also with some edible images. If you arrange the candles or candies on the cake in a special way, the treat will be very much artistic in there look. Icing can also touch up the cake with some nice decoration.

This special piece reflects love, care and affection of the celebrant. Preparing these cakes at home will be great if you can invest little of your creativity on them and make it really a lovely surprise for the birthday boy or girl.

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Fairy Cake - a loving surprise for the kids

As the kids you must have loved decorating the cake with the sugar, jam, grated Chocó chips or coconut and cream. If you are really interested in baking cakes and decorate them for the party, here are presenting some good ideas.
birthday cakes

You may be little confused about how to decorate those cupcakes. There are many ideas available in cupcakes London stores on decorating the cupcake. There are several decorating ideas available in the market, so if you are little creative, you can excel the design.

  • When talking of the decorating the sweet treats, the main thing to cross the mind is icing and chocolate frosting. These frostings can easily be made at own home and one use many things like spread, dot, swirl and many more to decorate the delicate sweet piece.
  • Frosting with natural colours like vanilla, orange, or lemon can be made at home. Whipped cream frosting or the butter cream frostings are also very popular for decorating those.
  • There should be many items include hundreds of chocolate button, sprinkles, jams and sprinklers to give the glowing effect on the cake. From the cupcakes London shops, you can obtain these things but be sure that the things are hygienic and also authentic in a way.
  • You can decorate such pieces with topping of fruits or with even rose petals also.
From these innovative decorating ideas, you must have known that baking them and decorating this fairy cakes are quite interesting and also very easy. Just invest your creativity and surprise your loved one with a nice piece of delicious item.

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Some easy birthday cakes for kids

childrens birthday cakes sweetrevengelondon

Here some of the important types of popular birthday cakes are given as the example to celebrate the birthday in a gorgeous way.

Clown Cake: What you actually need to do at first is to bake a regular cake. Once you let the cake to get cool, you have to draw the outline of a clown on the top of the cake. The easiest way to have this is to do it on the rice paper. While the cake is being baked, you can trace the picture of the clown you want on the paper with crayon colour. After the cake gets cool just place this on top of the cake. This is considered one of the most favourite Children’s birthday cakes to the toddlers.

Castle Cake: For the little princess this item is a huge hit. You can bake the regular cake and then with your creativity icing a castle on the cake. Incorporate some ice cream cones to the creation can give it a more special touch.

Fairy Cake: You can follow the instruction of the clown cake for having a drawing on the cake. Draw a cue fairy to the cake. Just use many colours and specially the pink colour to give it a special touch.

Teddy bear Cake: This item is most loved among available childrens birthday cakes. You will have a lot fun with the one and it is great for either the boy or for the girl child. Just cut it out and you can use the brown icing to have a good decoration.

Here some of the popular designable cakes are discussed that you can take for your kids’ birthday party.

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